Aerospring Indoor Lite - Frame only

Aerospring Indoor Lite - Frame only

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If you've already got the Aerospring Standard (2018/2019 version only) and would like to convert it to an Indoor system, just add the frame kit and start growing in your home.




Please note that this version does not include lights. 

You can add your own!



Aerospring Indoor Kit Lite includes:

  • Powder coated metal hexagonal frame with custom-built wheelbase and 4 lockable wheels
The frame measures 186cm tall, is 78cm wide on parallel sides and 84 cm corner to corner
  • 20 minute assembly, no tools required.
    Minimum maintenance, maximum yield.

  • 12 month warranty on frame


Grow Smart, Not Hard

The Aerospring is simple and easy to use. Our systems are low-maintenance and require less work than traditional gardening. Beyond having to occasionally harvest, plant, or prune — growing with the Aerospring is automated and virtually hands off.


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