EC-963 ATC EC Meter
EC-963 ATC EC Meter
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EC-963 ATC EC Meter

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Compact and pocket-sized design.
Easy to use and provides a quick measurement.
High accuracy with ± 2% full scale accuracy.
Data hold function and built with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).
Auto power off.
Wide range of applications in water quality testing.
Pre-calibration and batteries included.
LCD display : 4 digits
Measure Range : 0 ~ 19.99ms/cm
Resolution : 0.01ms/cm
Accuracy : ± 2% F.S. (Full scale)
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC): 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F)
Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F)
Power Supply : 2pcs x CR1632 button cell batteries (included)
Item size : approx. 147 (L) x 27 (W) x 18 (D) mm (5.79' x 1.06' x 0.7' inch)
Item weight : approx. 42g (batteries installed)
Pre-calibrated at factory
Supplied with a screw driver for calibration if necessary
Packing  includes:
1 x EC meter
1 x Screw driver
2 x CR1632 button cell batteries (installed)
1 x Instruction Manual

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1 x 12V/23W water pump with two spare impellers, metal shaft and rubber fittings

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1m food-grade pump hose with quick-connect fittings 

Hexagonal sections (‘Hexmodules’) : 12 for Pro, 9 for Standard and 3 for Mini

Threaded pipes (‘Hexpipes’) : 12 for Pro, 9 for Standard and 3 for Mini

1 x hexagonal shower lid,  
1 x hexagonal shower lid cover

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    •  AOK36 Grodan rockwool cubes (28/36/9 cubes)

2 x 1l ‘Hexgrow’ mineral nutrient solution (Base compounds from Germany)

    •  300ml measuring cup

    •  Assembly Manual


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